Friday night Jessica and I went to the P-Club for our first meeting with other Tgirls and wives and partners.  We knew that some of the girls were going to show up around 7:30 and showed up about 15 minutes early. We walked out front and didn’t see any girls inside so we went back to the car to wait a little longer. Jessica did say that women are normally socially late.  We waited about 20 minutes and Jessica decided to go see if there was any girls there yet. She saw a couple of girls inside and came out and got me. We walked in and right away we spotted Susan. We walked up and introduced ourselves and Jessica even introduced herself as “Jim” after I absent mindedly said my male name (Dohhh!) Everyone laughed and that seemed to break the ice. Thank you Jessica, AGAIN….

Our first impression of the P-Club was positive and it is a nice quiet place with lots of things to do like pool, shuffleboard and even karaoke.  Don’t worry, I sighed a legal document to NOT do karaoke.  Jessica went and ordered some drinks for us and I played a game of pool with Bobby and lost when I put the 8 ball in the wrong pocket. It is different to see long painted fingernails on the pool table as you draw the cue. I was wearing my mid-heel boots instead of my 5 inch stilettos and that made it easier to play.

Later Jan and I played Susan and Victoria to a game of shuffleboard and it’s been so long since I played I forgot how fun it is to knock your opponents piece out of scoring!

The evening was very enjoyable and we both had a wonderful time meeting all the girls and being somewhere that was safe and fun. I was able to relax and not worry about anything and be able to talk with other Tgirls. I know that Jessica also was relieved to be somewhere she didn’t have to worry about me.

It was so refreshing to talk with Cassandra, Susan, Victoria, Jan, Lynn and everyone else to learn new tricks and tips. One of the neatest tricks was using the outdoor mounting tape to attach our nails instead of using super glue. We went to Home Depot and got a roll and will try it tonight. I know that last night it was tough to remove my nails and I broke a couple of them taking them off. The tape should be much easier to remove and I might even get 3 years our a pair of nails like Cassandra. Or a year out of one razor for my legs. Actually me legs are naturally not hairy so I might never have to replace it!  Susan recommended using olive oil on your razor to make it last longer because the oil doesn’t let the stubble collect and dull the blade.

We were invited to Hamburger Mary’s and Harvey’s Comedy Club the next night and are looking forward  to getting out again. Of course Jessica had to get a new pair of black pumps for her outfit and I couldn’t deny her that. We went into DSW and nearly had a “shoegasm” being surrounded by all the pretty shoes and boots! Hopefully the rain will hold off tonight so the walk will be more fun and we’ll be dry during the show.

As I wrote in a previous post, Jessica and I have been to Embers and had fun in a Tgirl friendly establishment, but last night at the P-Club was more fun because we met really nice people and instantly developed new friendships.

Thanks for reading!

Trisha and Jessica


Shop Like A Girl!

I need to add how Jessica and I have gotten to where we are now, but I wanted to write about Veterans Day 2011 and getting ready for our first night out with other T-girls.

This morning Jessica and Trisha left the house for the 2 hours drive to Portland. We are going to a get together at the P-Club to meet Susan and some other girls in a group she belongs to.  We have never met other T-girls as part of a planned event, but have been to Embers several times and always had fun there.

Jessica and I would like to meet other couples like ourselves and a main reason for starting this blog is to reach out to other couples and tell of our experiences and learn about theirs to be able to better understand our lifestyle and maybe make it easier to relieve some stress and dodge some problems.

Before checking into the hotel we needed to do a little shopping (oh Darn!) at Ross and Target. We’ve been shopping before and only had one time where some lady looked and me and couldn’t get her fill of me. I never noticed her because she was behind me and the only reason I knew about her was when Jessica looked right at her and said, “What? Do you have a problem and have never seen a man in a dress before?” I can’t tell you how much Jessica means to me for her support and love. In both my male self and female self, she is incredible and Trisha couldn’t exist without her.

The rest of the time in the store went uneventful but I had this feeling that everyone was looking at me. I knew they weren’t but my confidence was rocked and after I told myself to be proud of who I am and that I’ll never see them again, I was able to do what I wanted and leave the store with my head held up high.

OK, back to 11/11/11! We were in Target and had a plan on what we were looking for. As Jessica was walking through the store and in the women’s department, I was an aisle over because I didn’t want to feel like I was trailing her like a puppy dog and I wanted to be on my own and be a “big girl”, I also thought the aisles were too narrow to walk side by side. But Jessica told me that two women out shopping do walk side by side so they can talk and look at things. So girls, take this as a lesson that you do walk side by side even if the aisles are narrow! Don’t walk behind, walk side by side.

So, we got our shopping done and went to check in at the hotel. Jessica went to get the room and brought out the luggage cart to the car and we loaded up and walked in like we owned the place. I was pushing the cart and it was tricky to not hit the other people and planters. I managed that daunting task and we got to the room and unloaded. I took the cart back down and put it by the front door.

We then put all our clothes away (we had 1 large suitcase just for our shoes) and then got our outfits set for tonight. I was planning on one outfit but after trying on some other options decided on the same sweater we planned on, but with a different skirt and top. Add some gorgeous red stilettos and I was set.

After things were finally put away I hopped on the laptop and wrote this. Now all I have to do is wait to get ready for an evening out with the girls, and Jessica especially!

Trisha and Jessica


Welcome to our blog. This blog will be written my myself, Trisha and my wife, Jessica.

We hope that you will enjoy it and we can help you in your endeavors.

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